Third week of pregnancy – Pregnancy Symptoms

Third week of pregnancy – Pregnancy Symptoms Week 3

What happens in the third week of pregnancy? In this article, you can learn about, the changes in your body these days, and the implantation and growth of the early fetus.

Changes in your life and body

Most women do not feel any change during the first 3 weeks, but some may experience slight spotting of the implant or experience early signs of pregnancy such as tiredness, tender breasts, nausea, a stronger sense of smell, aversion to certain foods, and more frequent urination. During this week, your unborn baby is a very small ball of several hundred cells that multiplies and burrows into the wall of your uterus.

Hormones are also involved. Cells that turn into placentas are producing the pregnancy hormone hCG or human placental gonadotropin. This hormone signals your ovaries to stop releasing eggs and to continue to produce progesterone, which prevents the uterine wall from collapsing and the small passenger. When you have enough HCG in your urine, your pregnancy test and a baby check will be positive. Amniotic fluid also begins to collect inside the amniotic sac.

Embryo implantation in the Third week of pregnancy

In general, with a summary, the implantation and the position of your abdomen in this are as follows:

  • Your fertilized egg enters the uterus and implants in the wall of the uterus.
  • A small ball of several hundred rapidly proliferating cells is now called a blastocyst.
  • Fluid begins to accumulate around the fertilized egg. This fluid surrounds the fetus in the coming months.

Your little blastocyst receives its oxygen and nutrients through a basic circulatory system, which the placenta does later.


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